Help OLR School earn money through your regular shopping. When making regular purchases for things such as back-to-school supplies, Christmas gifts, home improvement projects, and weekly groceries, use SCRIP cards, and a portion of your purchase benefits OLR!

What is SCRIP and how does it work?

SCRIP is a national program to help non-profit groups and schools earn money. Essentially, SCRIP allows families to purchase prepaid merchandise gift cards for local and national businesses. These certificates are just like cash. In appreciation for your patronage, these businesses give OLR School between 2% to 25% of the face value on the gift certificate. Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks or credit cards. And you and your child do not have to sell a thing!

How do I get started?

Just start using Scrip by completing your orders online anytime!  Or fill out a hard copy available on the ORL website and submit with your payment to the OLR office. A large stock of SCRIP cards are available in the school office. Cards ordered that are not in stock usually arrive within one week of ordering. Please let the school office know if you have a reoccurring order that you would like to be kept in stock.

1. United Scrip online ordering page:

2.  List of vendors (on United Scrip’s webpage):

3. New User Instructions –  Online Ordering Instructions

4. Printable Order Form – Script Order Form

What methods of payment are available?

Cash, check and Credit Card (online only).

Can my family and friends purchase SCRIP and credit my account?

Yes. They could fill out an online enrollment form and designate your family to be credited with their profit.  Spread the word so their everyday purchases help you!

Partner with a business or buy Scrip for your own business needs and watch your earnings multiply!

Do SCRIP cards expire?

SCRIP is like cash; however, a small number of gift cards have time limitations. You may go to, select retailers, and display any specific information after selecting a particular retailer. Most restrictions are listed on the gift card.

Are there more SCRIP retailers than listed on the order form?

Yes.  Go to United Scrip (, the company that administers our SCRIP program.  You are able to order from any of the listed merchants if you order online.  The cards will be ordered as a part of the weekly order on Monday.

In addition, please contact the SCRIP chair if you know of a local business that may like to join our SCRIP program, or if there is a particular business you frequent and you would like us to contact as a potential SCRIP provider. They can use gift cards for their operating needs or to reward their own employees.