School By Laws

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School Advisory Board By-Laws
I. Vision Statement. Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School, of the Catholic Diocese of
Charleston, SC is an outreach mission of the Our Lady of the Rosary Parish of Greenville, South Carolina. As such, the School strives to:
a. Provide the highest standard of education for its students.
b. Help its students learn to function as Christians within the community.
c. Reinforce the Catholic teachings of the Parish.
d. Nurture each student’s God given talents and aspirations.
II. Mission Statement. The mission of the OLR school advisory board is to be an advisory counsel to the principal and pastor. The common good of the OLR School Family, to include the student body, parents, and Parish, will serve as the guiding principle for the elected and appointed members.
III. Official Name of the School Board. The name of the Board of the School is “Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School Advisory Board.”
IV. Nature and Function of the Board.
a. Nature. The Board is an advisory body supporting the Pastor of the Parish and the Principal of the School in the operation of the School. The Board is service and project oriented to help plan and lead the continuous improvement of the school.

b. Function. The Board shall:
i. Provide (by consultative vote) advice to the Pastor and Principal regarding the
school and its policies.
ii. Give feedback periodically about the adequacy and effectiveness of the School’s policies and their implementation
iii. Assist in creating new policy at the request of the Pastor and Principal, and serve as an advisory committee, for the planning, operation, and maintenance of school facilities.
iv. Assist the Pastor and Principal in developing and reviewing the annual budget.
To that end, a copy of the proposed annual budget shall be provided to each
Board member at least one week before the January meeting, at which the
proposed budget is expected to be discussed.
v. Serve as an advisory committee providing leadership, vision, and accountability
in collaboration with the Principal and Parish.
vi. Seek to increase the communities understanding and recognition of Catholic
vii. In conjunction with the Administration and Parish promote and sustain the
Catholic identity of the School.
c: Duties of Officers: The Vice-Chairperson shall be the chair of the enrollment committee as well as performing the duties of the Chairperson if the Chairperson is absent or unable to serve as Chairperson.
V. Board Membership.
a. Ex-Officio Members. The Pastor, Principal, and the President of the OLR PTO shall be
members of the Board by virtue of their positions.
i. The President of the PTO shall be a voting member and shall be counted as
contributing to a quorum.
ii. The Pastor and Principal shall be non-voting members. The Pastor and Principal shall not be counted for establishing a quorum. The Pastor has final
approval power over all advised policies and actions and has the sole power to
promulgate policy.

b. Elected Members.
i. There shall be six members of the Board who are nominated and six elected parents of school students. In voting for Elected Members, there shall be one vote for each family that is a School student family. At least three of the six Elected Member positions shall be reserved for parents who are Parish members; however, if in the opinion of the Pastor, it is not feasible to fill these reserved positions with OLR Parish members, then members of other Parishes who provide tuition assistance for their students to attend OLR School may serve as elected members.
ii. Candidates for the position of elected member shall be solicited before and announced in April when the Board or the Board designee(s) shall review the
nominees for eligibility. The voting for the candidates for Elected Member
positions shall occur before, and the results announced at the subsequent Board
An Elected Member shall serve a term of two years. An Elected
Member may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.
iii. Elected Members shall be entitled to vote on Board matters. Elected Members
shall be counted for establishing a quorum.
iv. If any Elected Member is unable or unwilling to serve his or her full term, then
the Board shall appoint a member to serve the remaining term as an Elected
Member. Such appointment shall be advised by Board vote from a list of at least
two suggested candidates submitted to the Board by the Elected Members. The
Principal and Pastor will review the board’s advice and decide on the appointment.
v. The terms of the Elected Members shall be staggered so that three Elected may
be elected each year.

c. Appointed Members. The Board may have additional members as provided below.

i. Each Pastor of a Catholic Parish providing tuition assistance to the School may
(if desired) appoint one Appointed Member. The term for such an Appointed
Member shall be two years. The appointing Pastor may appoint the same person for subsequent terms as an Appointed Member.
ii. The Pastor in consultation with the Principal may appoint up to two persons who shall serve as Appointed Members. This procedure allows the Board to include desirable members from the general community who may not otherwise qualify for Board membership, but who nonetheless have the talent, ability, or desire to help the School achieve its vision. The term of such Appointed shall be two years.
iii. The Parish Finance Committee will appoint one person to serve as a member of
the Board. The Finance Committee Board Member is a non-voting position.
iv. Appointed Members shall be entitled to vote on Board matters and shall be
counted for establishing a quorum.

d. Eligibility for Board Membership. An Elected or Appointed Member shall not hold a
concurrent term on the board of the PTO. Only one member of a family may serve
concurrently as a voting member of the Board. All members of the Board must be
practicing Catholics, and active in their respective parishes. Any Elected or Appointed
Board member missing three or more meetings in one year may, at the discretion of the
Chairperson after consulting with the Board, may be removed as a Board member.
Eligibility requirements may be waived by the Pastor.

VI. Board Officers.

a. Officer Positions. The officers of the Board shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice
Chairperson, and Recording Secretary.
b. Election of Officers. Officers shall be elected annually by Board vote conducted during
the April/May Board meeting. Any Elected or Appointed Member is eligible for an
officer position. An absent Board member may vote for officer candidates by proxy if
unable to attend the April/May Board meeting.
c. Duties of Officers. The Chairperson shall preside at all Board meetings.
The Vice-Chairperson shall perform the duties of the Chairperson if the Chairperson is absent or unable to serve as Chairperson. The Recording Secretary shall maintain a written record
of all acts and votes of the Board; conduct, receive, and dispose of all Board
correspondence, as directed by the Board; and preserve all reports and documents that the
Board commits to the Recording Secretary for storage.

VII. Board Committees. There shall be at least one active member of the Board on each standing
a. Finance Committee
b. Marketing Committee
c. Safety Committee
d. PTO
e. Enrollment

VIII. Focus Committees. From time to time, the Board may form an Ad Hoc committee to
address a specific goal.

IX. Board Meetings.
a. Frequency. The Board shall have a minimum of six standing meetings per academic
year. These meetings will be predetermined each year prior to nomination and will
generally take place between September and May of each year on the first Thursday evening . Additional meetings may be added if necessary.
b. Quorum. For the purpose of transacting official Board business, a majority of the total
Board members eligible to vote must be present (“quorum”). A simple majority of those
present in a quorum situation shall carry a motion, unless otherwise specified in these By-
Laws. No binding decision may be made by the Board unless the Pastor or his delegate is
c. Attendance by Non-Members. The right of non-members of the Board to attend a
meeting and/or address the Board shall be limited to those whose requests have been
submitted to the Chairperson for the agenda at least 72 hours before the meeting. The
Chairperson, after consultation with the Principal, shall determine which requests will be placed onto the meeting agenda. Approved petitioners shall be allowed to address the Board at the start of the meeting prior to the Board conducting the remainder of its business.

X. Conduct of Board Meetings.
a. Rules of Order. To the extent not in conflict with these By-Laws, the rule of
parliamentary procedure as contained in “Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern all Board
b. Agenda of Board Meetings. The agenda is the responsibility of the Chairperson in consultation with the Principal, or a delegate.

The ordinary order of the Board meeting’s agenda shall be:
1. Opening Prayer
2. Chairperson Comments
3. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes, as owned by the Secretary.
4. Pastor’s Report
5. Principal’s Report
6. Parent Teacher Organization Report, as owned by the PTO President (or their delegate).
7. Unfinished Business
8. Standing Committee Reports
9. Focus Committee Reports
10. Review of OLR Master Strategic Plan (to be finalized by June of each year).
11. New Business
12. Closing Prayer

XI. Amendment of By-Laws. These By-Laws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the
voting Board members at any board meeting, provided there is a quorum and provided that
the amendment was presented to the Board at the previous Board meeting. An absent Board
member may vote for such amendment by proxy if unable to attend the Board meeting. Amendments become official once they have been ratified by the pastor.






Revised 3/21/14