Principal Newsletter

April 26, 2017


Dear OLR Family,


Let the countdown begin!  The 2016-2017 School Year will soon come to an end.  In order to get ready for the 2017-2018 School Year here are a few housekeeping details.


We will no longer be administering the ITBS Test to our Students.  Instead we will be administering the MAP Test.  I have included a Parent guide to MAP testing for you to peruse.  We will be administering a “trial run” as stated on our Academic Calendar during the week of May 1-5.  Anyone who is absent during that week will be tested the following week.  The test will be administered to Students in Grades 3-8.  Mrs. Bricco and Mrs. Tanner are our test administrators—a great big thank you goes out to them for volunteering to take on MAP Testing and become the administrating experts.


Next on the list–gym uniforms.  If your child(ren) need a new gym uniform-Grades 3-8, please consider ordering a new one from our uniform company, READ’s.  We will be phasing out the old and ushering in the new.  Please note, if your child has a gym uniform that still fits, please know he/she is most welcome to wear the old uniform.  Stop by the office for a sneak preview and use the flyers included into today’s blue folder for all your uniform needs and selections.


Also in today’s folder you will find the Math and Spanish summer requirements.  You can order both Math and Spanish on-line.  Next week look for summer Reading.


Hope to see you all at our annual Spring Concert and Gala.  Both promise to be a sensation!  I thank Mrs. Curtis in advance for what I know will be an awesome Friday evening in the OLR Gym.  And heartfelt thanks goes out to Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Reinholtz, and Mrs. Roberts, and their Gala Crew for taking us back to the 50’s—way before my time??????  Thanks to everyone who has created and donated a basket.  The OLR Office looks like a basket boutique!  They are exquisite, filled to the brim with goodies, not to mention creative in design.  See you at Thornblade!


As always, please do not hesitate to stop by my office with any questions and concerns.  Let’s all end the 2016-2017 School Year on a good note.  Our School is filled with God’s most precious gifts.  It has truly been a pleasure to watch each one of our Students grow, smile, create, pray, and learn throughout the year.  They are all the best of the best!  And best of all, they have so much to give and share.  Our world, will no doubt, be a better place because of each one of them.


I hope next week our Students take a minute to thank their teachers.  They are the reason for the smiles, creativity, faith, and knowledge that is present within our Students and our School.  They rise to every occasion.  They calm the daily storms.  And they share God’s word and his/her faith each and every day.  So next week during Teacher Appreciation Week, make sure you let all of our Staff know just how special they are and just how much you appreciate the many things they do!  For as Mother Theresa would say “Each one of them is Jesus in disguise”.  Thank you Teachers and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


Wishing you all smiles and blessings,


Mrs. Tully