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Faculty & Staff

We’re proud of the dynamic team we’ve assembled! Please take the time to get to know all of our faculty & staff members, they make our school wonderful!

Thomas Curtain

Headmaster, 8th Grade Religion

JD from Notre Dame Law School | BA in Music Theory & Philosophy from University of Notre Dame
Mr. Curtin has taught various classes over the years including Performing Arts, Latin, Social Studies, and Theology. He spent several years in school administration for Holy Spirit Prepatory School, a 550 student Pre-K- 12th grade Catholic School in Atlanta.

Tricia Reese

Kindergarten 4/5

Master of Education from the Citadel | BS in Elementary Education from College of Charleston
Mrs. Reese has over 20 years of experience teaching various grade levels, with eight of these teaching four and five year old Kindergarteners. She is a strong proponent of Catholic education and is committed to educating students academically, socially, and spiritually. She believes a
kindergarten classroom should be a secure, joy-filled place with a good mixture of academics and play.

Karen Stankiewicz

Kindergarten Aide, Morning/After Care

Karen has been working at Our Lady of the Rosary School since 1995 when her two children attended school here. Karen has been working as an aide in the K4 program since its beginning. She has also been aide in other grades through the years, and ran our school library last year. Karen can be found every morning greeting our arriving students in the Morning Care program and watching over those students who stay after school in After Care.

Stacymarie Sattely

1st Grade

BA in Elementary Education from St. Peter’s Jesuit College
A passionate voice for Catholic education, Mrs. Sattely has over 20 years teaching experience in Catholic schools. Possessing 21 Master’s credits in special education, she understands learning differences and how to address students’ strengths and weaknesses. Mrs. Sattely utilizes project based learning to teach multiple subjects while fostering creativity and a love of learning.

Megan Enfinger

2nd Grade

BA in Elementary from Clemson University (Magna Cum Laude)
Megan Enfinger is a 2005 alumnus of OLR, and she returned to OLR as a new teacher in 2012. She is an excellent phonics instructor and works with multiple grade levels to strengthen students’ spelling and reading abilities. Her love of poetry helps students find their inner calm and inner artist. She particularly enjoys helping students grow in their faith while preparing to receive First Holy Communion.

Dana Vanderwood

3rd Grade, LEAP program

MA in Teaching from Queens University | BA in Art from University of South Carolina Teaching Fellows Institute
Mrs. Vanderwood has been teaching in Catholic schools for many years and has been at OLR since 2013. She combines traditional teaching with project based learning. Realizing the need to challenge gifted schools to further develop their abilities and talents, Mrs. Vanderwood developed and implemented the Learning Enrichment & Academics Program (LEAP) at OLR.

Kelly Bricco

4th Grade

BS in Teaching from Auburn University
Mrs. Bricco has been teaching at OLR since 2005 and has taught many grade levels over the years. All of her children have attended OLR, and her husband is an alumnus. She has a strong background in math and technology. Mrs. Bricco teaches to the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful. Her belief is that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and inspiring atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

Xochitl Ortega

5th Grade

Xochitil Ortega comes to Our Lady of the Rosary from Christendom College with a classical liberal arts educational background including: History, Political Science, Theology, Philosophy, Latin, Mathematics, and Science. She was also a varsity member and captain of the Crusaders Cross Country Team.

Jennifer Tanner

6th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Science & History

MA in Educational Leadership from Furman University | BA in Elementary Education from University of Wisconsin-Superior Minors in Spanish and Music
| Certified English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL)
Highly Qualified, Mrs. Tanner is known for her dedication, energy, and enthusiasm, and she often keeps students’ interest by interjecting humor into her lessons. She believes in integrating current events into lessons whenever possible, and she is responsible for Student Government at OLR.

Jeff Pajak

7th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Literature

MA in Teaching from Notre Dame at Maryland University | BA in English from Providence College (Magna Cum Laude)
Mr. Pajak has been teaching various grade levels from elementary to high school for six years. He utilizes the knowledge of filming he obtained from the New York Film Academy in the classroom. Theatrics and the power of performance and memory are both key to his teaching style.

Although the profession of teaching runs in his family, Mr. Pajak himself had never felt called to be a teacher until he graduated college with an English degree and couldn’t get a job doing anything else. The allure of travel led him to Mexico City, where he tried his first year of teaching with first graders who didn’t know English. A year of wiping runny noses and acting out his favorite stories convinced him to try teaching in the United States to see if it was as much fun. He hasn’t looked back since. Born a Midwesterner, and raised a Yankee, Mr. Pajak eventually migrated south with a mind toward enjoying its legendary hospitality. He convinced a good woman to follow him, though he first had to convince her to marry him. They were blessed with their first child in the first week of his first year at OLR. Since then, Mr. Pajak has added insomnia, dirty diapers, and joyful exhaustion to a long list of hobbies. He is looking forward to experiencing more “firsts” at OLR in the years ahead.

Nicole Wiebelhaus

8th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Math, 6th Grade Religion

BS in Education from Western Carolina University | WCU Chancellor’s List (2013-2017) | Dean’s List (2013-2017) | WCU Homors College (2013-2017)
Ms. Wiebelhaus majored in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in mathematics. Her studies included Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Middle Grades Students, Inclusive Education, Digital Literacy Methods, and Differentiated Instruction. She was an active participant and peer leader in WCU’s Catholic Campus Ministry, a group for Catholic college students striving to deepen their relationship with Christ, as well as a great environment for those seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith. She led a number of bible studies, programs, and retreats during her four years in this ministry and the experience has greatly impacted her view on Catholic education and its importance in today’s world.

Katie Orbon

Director of Religious Education, 7th Grade Religion

MA in Theology and Christian Ministry from Franciscan University of Steubenville | BA in Intercultural Communication from Arizona State University
Mrs. Orbon was the Director of Youth Ministry at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Phoenix.  She was responsible for Confirmation preparation, RCIA, and the junior high and high school youth programs, which included retreats and mission work, and a three-week pilgrimage in 2000 to Lisieux, France and World Youth Day in Rome. Later, she worked for Franciscan University of Steubenville, first as the Director of Alumni Relations and subsequently as the Director of International Students. Currently, her responsibilities for the parish include RCIA and other sacramental preparation, overseeing the religion curriculum for the school, directing the religious education program, and teaching 7th grade Religion classes for the school. Her 5th grade son has been attending OLR since he was in kindergarten.

Ileana Giordani


Mrs. Giordani has been teaching Spanish language and culture in the diocese since 2014. She encourages an interest in Spanish through multiple projects. Students particularly enjoy learning dances and creating foods from different Spanish speaking countries. Her goal is for students to enter high school with high school credit for Spanish I.

Michelle Roberts

Athletic Director, Physical Education, Library

Mrs. Roberts has been working at OLR, both as a parent volunteer and teacher since her children began going to school here in 2013. In addition to her responsibilities as Athletic Director and teacher, she is in her second year as PTO president. Michelle’s enthusiasm and creativity are evident in the many innovative activities she arranges for the school.

Jim Craft


M.F.A. from Clemson | B.S. and M.A. from Bob Jones University
Mr. Craft is both a professional artist and an experienced teacher.  His ceramics, sculpture, and other art have been displayed in galleries across the state.  OLR families will be particularly familiar with the ceramic reliefs he created for the entrance to the new OLR church.  In his 20+ year career Mr. Craft has taught art to students of all ages from early elementary through college.

Elizabeth Eger


Master of Music from Westminster Choir College. | BA in Sacred Music at the Franciscan University of Steubenville
Ms. Eger is an accomplished organist, vocalist, and choir director.  She has taught music at St. Mary’s Catholic School and currently organizes and leads music for liturgies at Prince of Peace.

Katie Fowler


Certified Arrowsmith Program Cognitive teacher from the Arrowsmith School in Toronto, Canada. Mrs. Fowler is our Arrowsmith Program Site Administrator and has been teaching our Arrowsmith students since the program’s inception at OLR in 2012. Mrs. Fowler became part of the OLR school family in 2010 when her child came to OLR for middle school. Her son was in the first Arrowsmith class at OLR and is an OLR Alumni. Under Mrs. Fowler’s direction, the OLR Arrowsmith students won an International Arrowsmith exercise competition in 2012. Mrs. Fowler has a passion for working with students who struggle in school. She is also interested in Neuroscience in Education. She has attended several International Neuroplasticity and Education conferences with presentations from leaders in the field of Neuroscience.

Melissa Nipert


Georgia Tech | Certified Arrowsmith Program Cognitive teacher from the Arrowsmith School in Toronto
In 2011, Mrs. Nipert initiated the effort to bring Arrowsmith to OLR. Two of her children have successfully completed the program. Starting off as a volunteer, Mrs. Nipert eventually became certified to teach in the program. In 2015 she attended the International Conference for Neuroplasticity and Education where she heard presentations from leaders in the field of Neuroscience.

Angela Reich


Certified Arrowsmith Program Cognitive teacher from the Arrowsmith School in Toronto
As a substitute teacher, Mrs. Reich often worked in the Arrowsmith classroom. As the program grew, she stepped in as a classroom aide and was fully certified to teach Arrowsmith in 2017.

Megan Kopscik

Special Services Coordinator, Embrace

M.Ed. and Ed.S. in Mental Health Counseling from Clemson University | BA in Special Education from Clemson University
Megan Kopscik is a graduate of St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Greenville where she and her brother were students while Fr. Longenecker was chaplain. A young Clemson graduate, with a BA in Special Education and Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Megan is a bright, positive young professional, fully committed to Catholic education. She supervises our Embrace program, as well as providing mental health counseling services to children and families in need both within the school population and throughout the community.

Annette Danfy

Office Manager

Mrs. Danfy has been working in the OLR school office since 2010. Her daughter spent many years at OLR, graduating in 2012, and her granddaughter is currently a student here. Mrs. Danfy’s duties include everything from parent-school communication to bandaging bumps and bruises.

Phillip Gordy

Facilities Manager

Creighton University, Institute for Priestly Formation 2014 Summer Program for Diocesan Seminarians | BA from St. Joseph Seminary College |
Mexican American Catholic College, Intensive Pastoral Spanish Program position.
Eight years spent being educated in superior Catholic schools have given Mr. Gordy a deep appreciation for the role that Catholic education plays in forming the intellect, faith, and character of young people. He now looks forward to participating in this important mission at our school.

Christine Barr

Admissions & Enrollment, Parent-School Relations

A former homeschool parent, Mrs. Barr enrolled her two youngest children in OLR in 2010 when circumstances made it too difficult to continue homeschooling. A strong proponent of Catholic education, she believes that dedicated families are instrumental to the success of a Catholic school. Through the years, she has been a frequent volunteer, substitute teacher, and has taught 2nd Grade Religious Education for the parish. She presently works to increase enrollment for the school and to ensure all school families have everything they need to have a positive experience here.

Mrs. Barr was only able to attend St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School for her 4th and 5th Grade years while her father was stationed in Key West, FL, but she looks back at these years fondly. She had always wanted her children to attend Catholic school, but her oldest son had to leave the school he attended in Florida due to medical issues and learning needs. She began homeschooling him with a Catholic curriculum and rediscovered a love for the Faith. It is her desire that all children have the benefit of a Catholic education, and believes strongly in the words of St. John Neumann, “Without parish schools, there is no hope that the Church will be able to maintain itself in America.”

The Barr Family operates a farm & nursery in Sunset, SC, where they grow hydroponic produce, fruiting plants, and native plants. Her oldest son works at the farm with her husband, and her youngest two children, OLR alumni (2015 & 2017), attend high school at SJCS. When she is not at OLR, Mrs. Barr enjoys working with her family on the farm, raising chickens (and recently cows), and spending free time on Lake Jocassee.

Donna Craft

Director of Communications

With a varied background in academic organizations, Mrs. Craft is currently the Director of Communications for OLR church and school. She has served as Secretary at a small public elementary school for 16 years and as Acquisitions Coordinator at a university library for 10 years. Donna has a Bachelor’s degree from Bob Jones University, as well as a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She is the “go to” person when scheduling events and facilities, as well as coordinating activities engaging both the church and school together. She is responsible for planning and overseeing communications in general, for both organizations.

After growing up in an Evangelical home, Mrs. Craft regularly attended Protestant churches; however she always felt a nagging emptiness in her faith journey. Finally, after attending RCIA, she was received into full communion with the Catholic church at the Easter Vigil Mass in 2008. Donna and her husband, Jim, lived in the upstate for many years raising three children, then moved to Florida for 10 years, and now she is delighted to be coming back home to South Carolina. She enjoys playing with their four grandchildren in the creek on their property, attempting to keep up with a vegetable garden, and making a very sweet mint iced tea.